Rod Martin, Jr. in Cebu, Philippines.

Rod Martin, Jr.

Counselor and Writer

Without Faith, it is impossible to please God... (Hebrews 11:6)

What makes a good counselor? It starts with humility. In fact, humility is the start of a good anything—writer, plumber, astronaut, statesman or servant. Why? Because humility lets us see. It lets us care. Without it, we are blinded by self-concern; we think we know the answers when we do not.

Good counseling is also about empowerment. The old saying about giving someone a fish applies here. The best counselor overdelivers by running him or herself out of a job. Teaching a person how to fish allows that person to solve that problem on their own for the rest of their life. And the best kind of teaching is all about asking potent questions, rather than providing easy answers.

When a good counselor is done, their customer can create their own answers. Teaching isn't about filling a head with facts, but exercising the mental muscle with accurate perception and thinking. Thus, the one receiving the help becomes stronger, more certain and less dependent. This is the ideal.


My purpose is to provide this kind of service in both counseling and writing.

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